Jermaine "JC" Collier 

Founder, Head Trainer, Coach
Basketball, Football, and Boxing athlete
NASM certified Personal Trainer
B.S. Sports & Exercise Science
Six years Personal Training experience 

"I have dedicated my life to pushing adults and young athletes to be in the best physical and mental condition for sport and in life".


My mission is to make all my athlete faster, stronger, quicker in any sport they play. My unique programs have proven to reach our youth and adults by promoting physical fitness.


My vision is to promote physical activity by having year round sports conditioning training, cardio boxing training, and personal training. This training will be held for the youth and adults. With a physically fit body in sport will indeed decrease the risk of injuries.


My objective is to create a physical fit and more athletic youth and adult.

                                "HARD WORK AND DEDICATION"

            FOR MORE INFO CALL OR TEXT JC (210) 306-8901 


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